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Start The New Year With A Bang

alison2New Year's Eve is no time for lying around by yourself. It is time to celebrate! If you want to go for the gusto this year, and you plan on being in Las Vegas for the holiday, going big will help you remember the bringing in of a new decade. Here are some ways you can start the New Year off with a bang.

Take In The Fireworks Shows

It is a must to see the fireworks shows that happen on this celebratory holiday. There are seven hotels that are participating this year, each with their own display at midnight. The show will be accompanied by some of your favorite New Year's songs, and they last for over eight minutes. The streets will be completely packed with spectators looking up at the festive display. Bring along a pretty woman from our available escorts and enjoy the show with some flirting, cuddling, and a big kiss at midnight! 

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We Polled Our Escorts To Find Their Favorite Strip Clubs

juno5If you are the type of guy that likes to frequent strip clubs now and again, and you are visiting Las Vegas, knowing where to head is important so you have a great time. Our escorts love going to strip clubs with their clients, and we did a poll to find out which ones they found to be their favorites. Read on to learn more about the clubs in the area so you know which to bring your escort to the next time you head out for some strip action.

Sapphire Gentleman's Club and Male Revue Show

There's something for everyone at Sapphire Gentleman's Club and Male Revue Show. Where else can you see over 400 performers in one location at any given time? This means all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all nationalities. No matter what type of woman you enjoy seeing unclothed, she is there. Of course, we recommend bringing one of our escorts might find she trumps all of these women!

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Las Vegas Transexual Escorts

katia5If you are transsexual, and you are interested in finding a woman to spend time with while in Vegas, you may be apprehensive about locating someone who will understand your sexual preferences. This delicate subject may be frowned upon by someone that you just meet, making it difficult to hook up with someone when the desire for companionship is present. An option you have available is to contact an escort service. Here are the benefits you will obtain with a session with one of our professionals.

No Judgment Of Any Kind

Our girls are in no way judgemental about religious choices, race, handicaps, or sexual preference. They meet people from all types of lifestyles and understand that companionship is necessary no matter what age you are, what you look like, or what your desired partner may be. You do not need to even alert our service about your all. Our escorts provide companionship to both male and female clients, making it unnecessary to let us know about your personal choices.

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Costume Ideas For The Fetish And Fantasy Ball

witchSo, you're thinking about heading out the famous Fetish and Fantasy Ball in Las Vegas this year. You may have heard that this elegant and sexy party is one that should not be missed if you are in the area in the Fall. One thing you will need to prepare is a costume to wear. Here are a few ideas to help you find your creativity so you show up wearing something sure to stun all who see you.

Go Completely Goth

Gothic guys and girls hold an air of mystery. They look edgy, they are completely sexy, and they have the scary factor to consider. Since it is a Halloween event, deck yourself out in all types of black clothing, including leather, spikes, and chains. Use temporary daily contact lenses to change the shade of your eyes to give you a mysterious look. Bring along props to complete the look. For fetish reasons, a whip, feather tickler, or similar sex toy can give you the look needed to show off your inner desires.

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Jet Lag is Nothing in a 24 Hour City


You traveled all day or night and just reached your exciting destination: Las Vegas, Nevada. While you are hoping for a bit of shuteye, the sights and sounds in the city are making it difficult to justify going to bed when there is just so much to explore around you. Here are some options available when you are a bit more tired than usual.

Rely On Public Transportation

Instead of getting behind the wheel of a rental vehicle, turn to the city's public transportation system to take you where you want to go without worrying about your safety in the process. Las Vegas' bus service "The Deuce" has vehicles running 24 hours a day at twelve to 30-minute intervals. Whether you want to hit the strip or head downtown a bus is best when you are feeling the effects of jetlag. If you would rather, there are several taxi cab and Uber services in the area, making it easy to book a ride without needing to wait for a vehicle's arrival for too long. Walking is another option if your hotel is close to attractions in the area. Grab a map from your hotel before heading out to explore.

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