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Juno Understands Fetishes And The Desire To Explore Them

juno2I'm Juno, and I'm here to talk a bit about....fetishes. A lot of men tend to clam up when it comes to this topic. There is a social stigma in place that makes it hard to come out and let others know about fetishes...I'm here to let you know, that I'm totally ready for any type. Fetishes don't need to be a hidden taboo whatsoever. Here's what you'll enjoy if you reach out to me for a private date.

Let Me Know In Advance About Your Desires

A lot of guys shy away from telling women what they really want when it comes to intimacy if they have a fetish. Don't worry about what others think! I am an escort who has been with clients with all types of fetishes and nothing surprises me at all. In fact, I find many of them to be extremely sexy and I love learning new things! You can guide me through your desires and I'll comply every step of the way. If you have a specific fetish you want to try, let me know before I show up for our date, so I can be prepared with the necessary props for a successful encounter.

Let's Go Out And Get To Know Each Other

Spending time with an escort outside your home or hotel room is a wonderful way to get to know her before you get right into fetish fantasies. You'll be able to discuss your desires beforehand and get a sense of your escort's personality as well. A date with me means you'll tap into likes and dislikes before we get back to your place. This, of course, isn't the focus of our date, however. You are the one who will get what you want. I'm just letting you know that if you try pleasing me, I'll be more apt to please you beyond your expectations. Let's go to a club or have a drink together before the big session. This is a form of foreplay to me and it'll have us both anticipating what is soon to come.

I'll Be Ready And Willing To Explore Any Action You Wish

Fetishes come in all types. I am not at all afraid to explore any of them. In fact, I may have some tricks up my sleeve to enhance your particular fetish even more. This can be extremely handy to get you into an exciting mood and you'll be more apt to respond to my actions. I prefer being completely nude on our date when I get back to your place. This means stripping down to nothing as soon as we get through the door. If this conflicts with your fetish in any way, let me know beforehand so I can refrain from taking off my clothing until you are completely ready for seeing what I have underneath.