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We Polled Our Escorts To Find Their Favorite Strip Clubs

juno5If you are the type of guy that likes to frequent strip clubs now and again, and you are visiting Las Vegas, knowing where to head is important so you have a great time. Our escorts love going to strip clubs with their clients, and we did a poll to find out which ones they found to be their favorites. Read on to learn more about the clubs in the area so you know which to bring your escort to the next time you head out for some strip action.

Sapphire Gentleman's Club and Male Revue Show

There's something for everyone at Sapphire Gentleman's Club and Male Revue Show. Where else can you see over 400 performers in one location at any given time? This means all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all nationalities. No matter what type of woman you enjoy seeing unclothed, she is there. Of course, we recommend bringing one of our escorts might find she trumps all of these women!

Palomino Strip Club

The Palomino Strip Club offers cocktails to patrons. It also features fully nude strippers. If you want to see women baring it all and want to throw back a few drinks while doing so, this is the perfect location for you. Bring an escort out for beverages and entertainment in all its glory. The promise of what is to come after you leave will beat any woman you see here, however. Your escort will remind you that you can see it all up close and personal without others in the way. Take in the views and remember that you'll see even more later on.

Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge

If you are into staying up all night long, then the Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge is your place. Our escorts are available for meetups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making this club one of the best spots for a late-night encounter. At 4am, strippers put on their tops and turn into go-go dancers until morning arrives. When this happens, think about heading out if you want to see nudity. Your escort will be able to provide this...and so much more to you!

Spearmint Rhino Strip Club

The most popular strip club in Vegas is the Spearmint Rhino Strip Club. It is not the biggest, but it makes up for its size with the atmosphere you'll feel from the second you walk into the door. Enjoy stripping on one of the several stages with your escort by your side. She'll get some pointers and show you performances in seclusion after you leave. Take this opportunity to get pumped up and then fulfill your fantasies when you get back to your place.