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Start The New Year With A Bang

alison2New Year's Eve is no time for lying around by yourself. It is time to celebrate! If you want to go for the gusto this year, and you plan on being in Las Vegas for the holiday, going big will help you remember the bringing in of a new decade. Here are some ways you can start the New Year off with a bang.

Take In The Fireworks Shows

It is a must to see the fireworks shows that happen on this celebratory holiday. There are seven hotels that are participating this year, each with their own display at midnight. The show will be accompanied by some of your favorite New Year's songs, and they last for over eight minutes. The streets will be completely packed with spectators looking up at the festive display. Bring along a pretty woman from our available escorts and enjoy the show with some flirting, cuddling, and a big kiss at midnight! 

Listen To Some Of The Area's Music

New Year's Eve comes alive with plenty of music from all genres if you are into partying the night away. Freemont Avenue hosts its annual extravaganza and this year there will be four stages with twelve bands performing throughout the night. Be sure to grab tickets if you wish to spectate. Most of the area nightclubs will have the top disc jockeys in the area on hand to spin tunes to get you pumped up and out on the dance floor. These establishments may also require reservations so it is best to give any you are interested in a call beforehand so you can secure your spot. Take your escort out and about and enjoy watching others looking your way because of her astounding beauty.

Bring The Action To Your Place

You can make your own noise in the comfort of your home or hotel room with your pretty escort. Celebrate the holiday as a couple rather than in a big crowd. Whip up some snacks, turn on the television, and laugh the night away with a companion who will make you feel completely at ease.

If you are feeling daring, you can venture further and have your date provide you with some thrilling actions sure to get your heart racing and your vocals heard. Ask her to give you a private strip tease to get you into the mood. Follow this with some hands-on activities where you can explore your escort's body closely and intimately. When all is said and done, relax on your bed and have your escort climb on board (nude, of course) and give you a body massage to start the year off in the best possible way. You'll have fun, feel at peace, and be completely relaxed when all is said and done.