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Autumn In Spring Is A Happy Thing

autumn2Why hello and welcome to my first blog post! My name is Autumn and I have been escorting for this service for about three years. I love what I do and I have met so many people who have changed my life for the better. My favorite time of the year is upon us and a happy Autumn in the Spring means you will reap the rewards I have to share! Here is a synopsis about one of the best dates I have ever had while working for this business. I am hoping you can help me duplicate the feelings I felt during this time!

I Was Treated With Respect From The Moment We Met

Many guys think that hiring an escort means they have the freedom to treat dates poorly. Just because we chose to spend time with clients making them feel good about themselves and providing them with companionship does not mean we don't deserve respect! We are people too and the date that I remember the most is one that made me feel as if I was extremely important in every way. He had treated me like a lady, not as a worker. He made sure to open doors for me and introduced me by name to the people we met. He had hired me to be a date for a corporate function. I had so much fun and learned so very much!

I Enjoyed The Finer Amenities Available With A Gracious Host

I led my client to some fun spots in the city after the corporate ordeal came to a close. He was more than delighted to learn about the area, and we seemed to have a special aura follow us around that others were drawn to. We had a crowd around us at all establishments and these people were fun to spend time with. I had an exquisite dinner at a posh restaurant that I never went to in the past. My client also purchased some cocktails to enjoy between excursions to casinos and nightclubs. It was a night to remember!

We Ended Up Back At His Hotel Room For A Nightcap

The best part of my date was when we went to my client's hotel room so that we can have some time alone. The weather was perfect for strolling back to his hotel while we conversed. When we arrived, we were ready for action the second that door was locked. I showed my client all that I have to share underneath my clothing. I gave him a striptease he will never forget. Actually, I won't either! It was so hot! Then we took our party to the bathroom for a bubble bath. This was so relaxing and so sexy! We then dried off and I gave my client a massage. After that, we had some more sexy time together...but I can't kiss and tell!