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Mabel has an old soul. She enjoys the experience and the build up. It is the anticipation that gets her going and really fires up her engine. She likes a well dressed man and one who knows how to show a woman a good time. She might be one of the top call girls Las Vegas has to offer, but she also likes to tre be treated with respect. Of course, that doesn't mean she doesn't like to get a bit naughty on her dates. In fact, whenever a guy is able to show her an amazing time, she makes sure the favor is paid back 10 fold. She is going to make the man burn with desire for Mabel as she whispers naughty fantasies she wants to do to him into his ear at the most inappropriate times. From sitting at dinner, waiting for the keynote speaker to walk up during a business conference all the way to sitting in a large, fancy restaurant. She just has that way about her. So, for those who want to enjoy Vegas but also knows how to treat a woman, Mabel is the right girl for them.

Mabel has a way to make problems just disappear. Her smile and wicked personality just melt those problems away, and that is even before she starts up with the massage. Anyone who is looking for that incredible experience doesn't need to look any further than Mabel. She doesn't apologize for wanting classy gentlemen while she's working as one of the top call girls in Las Vegas. If she is treated right by a man, she's going to make sure to treat that man right in return.