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For anyone who has ever wanted to utter the phrase (I Love Lucy", this is now their chance, as Lucy is one of the top call girls Las Vegas has to offer. Of course, she's every bit of a firecracker as the original Lucille Ball, but she's so much more naughty. It is up to her guest to get to experience this naughty side. Lucy doesn't just hand it out for free. They need to show her how much they want it and how much they need it. This way, they can see and experience the true side of Lucy that she keeps hidden away, until just the right moment.

Now, Lucy is that girl that immediately steals the show as soon as she walks into the room. There is a fire in her eyes that signals she always knows what is going on and knows those around her want to know what she's thinking. From bachelor parties all the way to romantic evenings taking in dinner and a show, Lucy is the girl for the evening. Her guests just need to be careful though, because they truly might fall in love with Lucy. She just has that way with people. So, for anyone who wants to truly experience Vegas the way it is suppose to be experienced, Lucy is the girl for that.