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Hi there. I've been waiting for you. I've just been busting with anticipation, waiting for you to come and check me out. It gets me so hot thinking about you and how we can spend the entire night together. I want to tell you all of the naughty things I plan on doing to you when you arrive, but I'd rather show you instead. I've been such a bad girl lately, and I need you to teach me a lesson.

Sure, we could go out, check out the casinos and the clubs, view a few shows or hit the town for an excellent restaurant, but wouldn't you rather just spend your time, alone, inside of your hotel room, with me by your side? I'm sure we can think of a few fun activities to do as the sun melts away over the horizon. Some of the other guys love my massages and the way I rub up against them as I do it. Of course, you might have your own idea of an amazing time, and you know what? I'd love to hear about it. Why don't you pick up that big phone of yours and tell me all about it. I'm already hot with excitement and can't wait to hear your voice. I want to show you just how excited I am. Let me take you by the hand and guide you along the way. There is just so much for us to see and do, so we need to get started quickly. You just need to tell me the spot to meet you. Should I meet you at the airport? The casino? Maybe you'd like me to just knock on your hotel door with nothing but a trench coat and my heels? Whatever it is you want, I can't wait to give it to you.