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Quick, when you think about space and space exploration, where do you think of in the United States? Chances are, you said somewhere in Florida. Maybe you went to the Kennedy Space Center as a child (or whatever it was called then, it has gone through so many different names). But, why on earth would that famous line "Houston, we have a problem!" come up?

It is because all of the space contact takes place in Houston. Whenever there is a launch, Florida controls in from base and then hands control and communications over to Houston. When visiting Houston, you need to check out the Space Center. Houston is a truly remarkable place when it comes to space history and the exploration of space, so if you have ever loved anything about the solar system and beyond, this is a place for you.

Of course, you can also check out another Uranus with the help of some of the hottest escorts Houston has to offer. You won't need a telescope to check her out. Her ass and titties are going to be in full view for you to enjoy. In fact, she might allow you to probe them a bit yourself. Just make sure you listen to the Houston escort, because she is going to give you a go/no go for launch. But when the escort in Houston gives you the command, you better believe there is going to be complete lift off as you enjoy your time in Houston.